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Solid State Lighting

Solid State Lighting I
Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020  16:20-17:50
Presider: Prof. Wei-Chih Lai
Prof. Yuh-Renn Wu
Room: 6AB Room 525
16:20 - 16:50 Manuscript ID.  0805
Paper No.  2020-THU-S0801-I001
Invited Speaker:
Chi Ching Kuo

Multifunctional Electrospun Nanofiber Chemosensor and Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Perovskite-Polymer Nanofiber Membranes or Films
Chi Ching Kuo

We report the fabrication and property of multifunctional electrospun nanofiber chemosensor and perovskite based light-emitting diodes. RGB full-color-switchable chemosensors that are able to simultaneously detect pH and Hg2+ and are based on highly porous fluorescent electrospun nanofibers. Perovskite QDs embedded into polymeric to increase the photostability of light emitters for applications to lighting and backlight displays.

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16:50 - 17:05 Manuscript ID.  0387
Paper No.  2020-THU-S0801-O001
Chun-Xin Ye
Award Candidate
Chip-Size Effect on Performance of Blue μ-LEDs Using a Laser Direct Writing Technique
Chun-Xin Ye;Hsuan-Jen Chen;Po-Hao Chen;Bo-Sheng Lee;Po-Wei Chen;Po-Wen Hsiao;Dong-Sing Wuu

μ-LEDs with chip size down to 10×10 μm2 were achieved using a laser direct writing technique. Both the increased current density and blue-shifted emission were observed due to the downsizing effect. The EQE of 10×10 μm2 μ-LED was 18.8%, which is favoring the high-resolution μ-displays.

17:05 - 17:20 Manuscript ID.  0166
Paper No.  2020-THU-S0801-O002
Shang-En Zhong
Award Candidate
Performance Investigation of Ga2O3-based Deep Ultraviolet Light-Emitting Diodes with Multi-quantum Wells
Shang-En Zhong;Haou-Chun Wang;Hsin-Ying Lee;Ching-Ting Lee

In this work, the deep ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (DUV-LEDs) with multi-quantum wells (MQWs) constructed using 5 pairs of a gallium oxide (Ga2O3) well and an aluminum oxide-doped gallium oxide (Ga2O3:Al2O3) barrier were fabricated. According to the electroluminescence measurement of the DUV-LEDs, the peak wavelength of 243 nm was obtained.

17:20 - 17:35 Manuscript ID.  0678
Paper No.  2020-THU-S0801-O003
Chi-Shou Wu
Award Candidate
Long-Distance Projection Luminaire Based on White LEDs with Low Power Consumption
Ching-Cherng Sun;Chi-Shou Wu

A light-emitting diode luminaire with light weight, energy saving, and low cost by using nine optical modules to produce a projection distance of 3.1 km with driving power of 41.8 watts has been verified by precise experiment.

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17:35 - 17:50 Manuscript ID.  0339
Paper No.  2020-THU-S0801-O004
Qian-Hua Zhuo
Award Candidate
Performance Enhancement of Red Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes with Hybrid Hole Injection and Transport Layers
Qian-Hua Zhuo;Hsin-Chieh Yu;Chih-Min Fu

Characteristics of red quantum dots light emitting diodes (QLEDs) with NiOx hole injection layer (HIL) prepared by sol-gel method and Poly-TPD as hole transport layer (HTL) were demonstrated. The performance enhancement of QLEDs with NiOx HIL exhibited the maximum luminance (Lmax) of 64,244 cd/m2.