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Solid State Lighting

Poster Session II
Saturday, Dec. 5, 2020  10:30-12:30
Presider: Prof. Wen-Jeng Ho
Room: 6AB Courtyard
Manuscript ID.  0002
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0802-P001
Hung-Chung Li
Visual characteristics of afterimage induced by LED dot matrixes
Hung-Chung Li

Three psycho-visual experiments are carried out to investigate the visual afterimage characteristics of high luminance LED with different sizes of dot matrix under dark surround conditions. As a result, the intensity level and the use of a diffuser obviously influence the visual characteristics of the afterimage.

Manuscript ID.  0036
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0802-P002
Chun-Liang Lin
Design of Heat Sink Dimension to Improve Thermal Characteristics of High-Power LED Bulbs
Wei-Zhang Li;Chun-Liang Lin

The temperature of LED surface decreased by adjusting width and height of heat sink, from 90 to 83.6°C and from 96.9 to 80.7°C, respectively. Compared with width, adjusting height of heat sink significantly reduce the temperature by 9.6%

Manuscript ID.  0042
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0802-P003
C. C. Yang
Light Color Conversion Efficiency Enhancement of Colloidal Quantum Dot through Its Linkage with Synthesized Metal Nanoparticle on a Light-emitting Diode
Yao-Tseng Wang;Chi-Wu Liu;Po-Yu Chen;Ruei-Nan Wu;Chia-Chun Ni;Cheng-Jin Cai;Yean-Woei Kiang;C. C. Yang

Four surface-modified and hence positively-charged metal nanoparticles (NPs) of different localized surface plasmon resonance wavelengths are synthesized for linking with negatively-charged, red-emitting colloidal CdZnSeS/ZnS quantum dots (QDs) on the top surface of a blue-emitting InGaN/GaN quantum well light-emitting diode through electro-static force. The metal NP-QD linkage leads to a short...

Manuscript ID.  0143
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0802-P004
Ting-Wei Hsu
The Output Power Enhancement of Light-Emitting Diodes with Leaf Structure Surface
Ting-Wei Hsu;Pao-Keng Yang;Shang-Ping Ying

The leaf-structures are patterned onto top surface of a LED to reduce the total
internal reflection at the smooth interface between the encapsulant and air. The optical
characteristics of the LED covered with the replication of leaf surface structure are measured to
verify the enhancement of the LEDs.

Manuscript ID.  0334
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0802-P005
Hong-Ye Lai
Study of Perovskite CsPbI3 with TOPO Color Conversion Quantum Dot Film in Red Light-Emitting Devices
Hong-Ye Lai;Yu-Chun Yeh;Ching-Ho Tien;Lung-Chien Chen

Mixing different ratios of perovskite CsPbI3 quantum dots and Trioctylphosphine oxide (TOPO) solutions to explore the difference between them, and further explore the effects of doping TOPO and adding UV-type QD optical glue on perovskite CsPbI3 with TOPO quantum dots, and apply it to color conversion devices.

Manuscript ID.  0359
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0802-P006
Chia-Lung Tsai
Effect of ICBA:modified-C60 electron transfer layer on the structural and optical properties of perovskite light-emitting diodes (PeLEDs)
Chia-Lung Tsai;Yi-Chen Lu;Chia-Yu Yu;Chia-Wei Chen;Chih-Min Yu

The ICBA:modified C60 electron transport layer (ETL) is proposed for the PeLEDs. As a result of improved perovskite/ETL interfacial quality and uniform carrier distribution within the MAPbBr3, the improvement in the output luminance of the PeLEDs is achieved. Furthermore, PeLED-based optical communication is shown to be feasible.

Manuscript ID.  0480
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0802-P007
Jhih-Yuan Yang
Improving the RF Performance of GaN HEMTs by Partial Substrate Removal
Jhih-Yuan Yang;Jian-Jang Huang;Ching-Yu Shih;Dai-Jie Lin

Here we propose Si substrate removal technology for HEMTs to alleviate RF loss. By removing the Si substrate, the power gain cut-off frequency is improved mainly due to a higher output resistance. Finally, we develop a small signal model that includes parasitic elements of the Si substrate.

Manuscript ID.  0584
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0802-P008
Jing-Han Ke
Evaluation of Static Work Attention Under Different Office Lighting Environments
I-Chieh Chen;Jing-Han Ke;Yi-Chun Chen

This study evaluates users’ attention levels under different office lighting environments by utilizing electroencephalography and self-evaluated questionnaires. The signal processing involves the combination of Hilbert-Huang transform, probability density function towards spectral power, and receiver operating characteristic curves with their area under the curves.

Manuscript ID.  0028
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0802-P009
Dian Luo
Highly Efficient White Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells on Diffusive Substrates
Yan-Zhi Chen;Dian Luo;Chi-Haw Hsiang;Rong-Huei Yi;Ching-Hsuan Lin;Chin-Wei Lu;Chih-Hao Chang;Hai-Ching Su

Enhancing device efficiencies of the white light-emitting electrochemical cells (LECs) is realized by employing substrates with embedded diffusive layers containing scattering TiO2 nanoparticles. The maximal external quantum efficiency and power efficiency of the white LECs employing the proposed diffusive substrates reach 22.0% and 41.6 lm W-1, respectively.

Manuscript ID.  0111
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0802-P010
Shu-Yi Ho
Blue Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with High Blue Index
Shu-Yi Ho;Hsiang-Wei Tseng;Yi-An Chen;Hsiao-Wen Hung

This paper reports an optical structure design method with the predicted performances of blue organic light-emitting diodes with high blue index. By adjusting the thickness of transport layers, the electroluminescent spectra could be narrowed and enhanced. The blue index could be increased from 71 to over 120.

Manuscript ID.  0149
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0802-P011
Ming-Hao Zhou
The Output Power Enhancement of the White LEDs Using β-carotene Based Natural Dye with Remote Phosphor Structure
Ming-Hao Zhou;Bing-Mau Chen;Shang-Ping Ying

The β-carotene was encapsulated in remote yellow phosphor layer to achieve the white light LEDs with low correlated color temperature (CCT).By combining the yellow phosphor and β-carotene with the blue LED chip, the white light emission of the white LEDs with improved color rendering index (CRI) can be obtained.

Manuscript ID.  0040
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0802-P012
C. C. Yang
Plasmonic Dicke Effect in an InGaN/GaN Multiple Quantum Well Structure
Wai Fong Tse;Ruei-Nan Wu;Cai-Chen Lu;Yi-Chiao Hsu;Yen-Po Chen;Sheng-Yang Kuo;Yu-Cheng Su;Ping-Hsiu Wu;Yang Kuo;Yean-Woei Kiang;C. C. Yang

The plasmonic Dicke effect means a cooperative emission mechanism of multiple light emitters when they are simultaneously coupled with the same surface plasmon (SP) mode of a metal nanostructure to achieve a higher collective emission efficiency. We compare the enhancements of emission efficiency among a series of SP-coupled InGaN/GaN quantum-well..

Manuscript ID.  0337
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0802-P013
Chun-Liang Lin
Increase Luminous Efficacy of WLEDs with Uniform Spectral Power Distribution Through Phosphors in Silicone/Phosphor in Glass Stacked Package
Zhen-Jin Wang;Li-Yu Huang;Chun-Liang Lin

The correlated color temperature, color rendering index, and luminous efficacy of white LEDs with cyan, green and red phosphors in silicone/yellow phosphor in glass at 350 mA were 4200K, 90.9 and 76 lm/W (increase 18.4%), respectively. WLEDs with uniform SPD have improved luminous efficacy through the new phosphor configuration.

Manuscript ID.  0399
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0802-P014
Ming-Feng Tsai
Light extraction of ultraviolet light emitting
Ming-Feng Tsai

Since there are many materials which will absorb ultraviolet light, therefore, people are finding different ways to improve luminous power of UVC LEDs in recent years. In this work, we manufacture the omnidirectional reflector on UVC LEDs, which is one of the methods to improve luminous power of UVC LEDs.

Manuscript ID.  0022
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0802-P015
Nan Ming Lin
Simulation and Analysis of a Surgical Lamp Module with a Chip On Board (COB) Light-Emitting Diode
Nan Ming Lin

in this work, a chip on board (COB) was used as a surgical lamp light was found that the center illumiance was 66122 lux. on the other hand,the d50 and d10 was 98 mm and 164mm,respectively.In other word, the d50/d10 was 0.59 (i.e., meet regulation,0.5)

Manuscript ID.  0311
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0802-P016
Chih-Yu Tsai
Analysis of Solid Suspended Particles using Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Partial Least Squares Regression
Chih-Yu Tsai;Meng-Hsuan Lin;Yu-Liang Lin;Jian-Yu Shen;Tsung-Xian Lee

This paper investigates the infrared absorption behavior of solid suspended particles in a quantitative way. By using near infrared spectroscopy and partial least squares regression (PLSR), we can explore the changes in concentration caused by the internal transmission of IR light in a real smog-filled environment.

Manuscript ID.  0443
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0802-P017
Nan Ming Lin
Formation of a Half Mirror and Its Effect On Mirror Effect
Nan Ming Lin

In this work, a half mirror with an Al film was formed by using a thermal evaporation. Furthermore, the proposed half mirror can effectively achieve a good mirror effect. In other word, a deep mirror effect can be formed by using an Al mirror and an a half mirror.

Manuscript ID.  0540
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0802-P018
Apoorv Mahesh Chaudhari
Hardware for Controlling a Dynamic Lighting System
Apoorv Mahesh Chaudhari;Chiung Reng Tai;Aien White;Nafia AL-Mutawaly;Yeh-Liang Hsu;Jonathon David White

Light is a non-pharmacological method to improve the sleep cycle, wakefulness, and quality of life. Based on ESP32 micro-controllers, interacting through ESP-NOW protocol. The hardware has been developed to interact with and control 8 LED strips to produce white light with a time-varying CCT.