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Optical Waveguides and Communications

Optical Waveguides and Communications III
Friday, Dec. 4, 2020  13:10-15:40
Presider: Prof. Silvano Donati
Room: 6AB Room 725
13:55 - 14:25 Manuscript ID.  0803
Paper No.  2020-FRI-S0203-I001
Invited Speaker:
Cheng-Ling Lee

Ultracompact Fiber Fabry-Perot Interferometers and Their Sensing Applications
Cheng-Ling Lee;Cheng-Chuan Liu

In this work, the investigation of ultracompact fiber Fabry-Perot interferometers (FFPIs) and their sensing applications have been discussed. The proposed FFPIs are based on a tiny Fabry-Perot microcavity within a general single-mode fiber (SMF) which can achieve the sensing advantages of high sensitivity, good repeatability, effectiveness and miniature structure. Many ultracompact FFPIs have been utilized as different kinds of inline fiber optic sensors for measuring various parameters. Advanced sensing characteristics of the developed FFPIs are experimentally determined and analyzed to demonstrate the effectiveness.

14:25 - 14:40 Manuscript ID.  0669
Paper No.  2020-FRI-S0203-O001
Chin-Hao Tseng
10-Gb/s W-Band Wireless Links Using Optically Injected Semiconductor Lasers at Period-One Dynamics
Chin-Hao Tseng;Chun-Ting Lin;Sheng-Kwang Hwang

This study investigates millimeter-wave generation and modulation using an optically injected semiconductor laser operating at period-one (P1) dynamics when subject to comb-like optical injection. 10-Gb/s 32-QAM OFDM data are added onto the stabilized 93-GHz millimeter-waves by directly modulating the injected laser for W-band wireless links.

14:40 - 14:55 Manuscript ID.  0027
Paper No.  2020-FRI-S0203-O002
Chao-Yu Feng
An 800-Gb/s/200-m FSO Communication with WDM-PAM4 Scheme and SLM-Based Beam Tracking Technology
Chao-Yu Feng;Agustina Nainggolan;Hsin-Mao Hsia;Hai-Han Lu

We demostrated, a 800-Gb/s PAM4 based FSO communication with 200-m free-space transmission by integrating a WDM scheme and adopting SLM-based beam tracking technology, the transmission capacity of the FSO communications is remarkably increased with a total capacity of 800 Gb/s.

14:55 - 15:10 Manuscript ID.  0345
Paper No.  2020-FRI-S0203-O003
Yueh-Heng Lu
Logic Gates formed by Optical Neurons
Yueh-Heng Lu;Chii-Chang Chen

In this work, the software for optical fiber communication system is used to investigate an optical system based on the echo-state networks to form the logic gates. The gates can be used to recognize the input signals.

15:10 - 15:25 Manuscript ID.  0486
Paper No.  2020-FRI-S0203-O004
Bo-Hong Zheng
Cascaded Fiber-Optic Interferometers for Multi-Perimeter-Zone Intrusion Detection with a Single Fiber Used for Each Defended Zone
Likarn Wang;Yuan-Hung Lin;Bo-Hong Zheng

A new fiber-optic perimeter intrusion detection system employing only one single-mode fiber as disturbance sensor for each perimeter zone is presented. Oscillation signals generated through interference between lights from two resonators, i.e., a linear laser cavity and an extended resonator, were used for determining intrusion for each defended zone.