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Optical Waveguides and Communications

Poster Session I
Friday, Dec. 4, 2020  15:40-17:30
Presider: Prof. Chun-Nien Liu
Room: 6AB Courtyard
Manuscript ID.  0514
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P001
Chia-Ming Liu
Award Candidate
Developed chromium-doped fibers with high quality and high fluorescence characteristics
Chia-Ming Liu;Chia-Ling Tsai;Yann-Horng Chen;Ping-Hsuan Yang;Chun-Nien Liu;Sheng-Lung Huang;Wood-Hi Cheng

The higher fluorescence intensity for a 300-nm broadband single-mode Cr-doped crystalline core fiber (SMCDCCF) are demonstrated with and without coating and thermal annealing, respectively. The 31% fluorescence improvement was mainly due to the Cr4+-concentration up to 1.2 times during coating and thermal annealing process.

Manuscript ID.  0082
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P002
Wei-Yao You
Long-Reach Ring-Type WDM-PON with Rayleigh Backscattering Beat Noise Alleviation
Wei-Yao You;Jhao-Ren Chen;Chien-Hung Yeh;Wen-Piao Lin;Chi-Wai Chow

A new designed ring-based wavelength-division-multiplexing passive (WDM) access network is used to avoid Rayleigh backscattering (RB) beat noise. In the demonstration, the 8x10 Gbit/s on-off keying (OOK) WDM channels are used to support the fiber transmission length of 105 km for symmetric downstream and upstream connections without dispersion compensation.

Manuscript ID.  0733
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P003
Shao Hung Yu
Novel DFT/IDFT-free scheme for Spread OFDM signals with sub-Nyquist sampling ADCs in MIMO RoF system
Shao Hung Yu;Yi Jun Cai;Hao-Hsiang Chang;Chun-Ting Lin;Chia Chien Wei;Sien Chi

In order to simplify the receiver, we propose the novel algorithm, which is time interleaved frequency division multiple access in the 2×2 MIMO 60 GHz RoF system. Moreover, the receiving section can receive time domain signals without DFT/IDFT processing for demodulation.

Manuscript ID.  0451
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P004
Yi-Chien Wu
Miniaturized High-Power White-Lighting Module with Mixing R/G/V/Y Beams for Naval Li-Fi System
Yi-Chien Wu;Chia-Yu Su;Gong-Ru Lin

A high-power RGV-LDs+Y-LED mixed white-lighting module with W×L×H = 6×5.4×2 cm3 is demonstrated with the maximal transmission data rate of 21.2 Gbit/s. Moreover, the module provides an illuminance of 12800 lux over 0.5 m.

Manuscript ID.  0455
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P005
Shih-Chun Kao
Award Candidate
Enhanced polarization data demultiplexing at 100-Gbit/s in micro-ring waveguide add/drop filter
Shih-Chun Kao;Zih-Chun Su;Gong-Ru Lin

Polarized data demultiplexing in silicon carbide micro-ring waveguide resonator is performed by enhancing its polarization distinguished notch transmittance for discriminating orthogonally polarized 100-Gbit/s 16-QAM-OFDM and 50-Gbit/s NRZ-OOK optical data streams.

Manuscript ID.  0513
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P006
Liu Chan Chin
Study of Micro-lensed Fiber for Silicon-Photonics Chip to Improve Coupling Efficiency
Liu Chan Chin;Tu Jim Han;Liu Chun Nien;Shih Tien Tsorng;Lin Gong Ru;Cheng Wood Hi

We report and demonstrate the micro-lensed from Si-photonics chip coupling to single-mode fiber employing automatic grinding and calibrated spin-on-glass coating techniques. A high coupling efficiency of 54.2% with ±0.5μm misalignment tolerance was achieved.

Manuscript ID.  0739
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P007
Zheng-Wei Huang
V-band 2×2 MIMO OFDM-RoF System Employing I/Q Volterra Compensation Algorithm
Zheng-Wei Huang;Zhen-Xiong Xie;Bo-Jiun Lin;Pin-Xyuan Ding;Chia-Chien Wei;Chun-Ting Lin

We demonstrate 2×2 MIMO 60-GHz RoF system with I/Q Volterra nonlinear compensation algorithm. The proposed system not only improves data rate up to 81.37Gbps but also extends wireless distance to 42 meters with data rate of more than 70Gbps.

Manuscript ID.  0083
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P008
Guan-Hong Li
Utilizing Multiple-Fiber-Ring Design for 60 nm Tunability Fiber Laser with Single-Longitudinal-Mode Output
Yuan-Zhe Lin;Guan-Hong Li;Hung-Wei Chang;Chien-Hung Yeh;Jing-Heng Chen;Chi-Wai Chow

We present a broadband and steady EDF multiple-ring laser by exploiting C-band EDF gain medium to achieve SLM output. The available CW tunability range from 1519.0 to 1579.0 nm. Moreover, the related output power, OSNR, SLM oscillation and stability characteristics in the presented laser have been also explored.

Manuscript ID.  0454
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P009
Shih-Chun Kao
Enhancing Fading Tolerance with MC-CDMA in a RFoF Fiber-Wireless Convergence
Shih-Chun Kao;You-Wei Chen;Kai-Ming Feng;Gong-Ru Lin

A MC-CDMA based fiber-wireless convergence with subcarrier BER equalization is demonstrated to outperform typical OFDM data in both wireless and wired RF fading channels for supporting multi-service access network with colorless FPLD transmitters.

Manuscript ID.  0178
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P010
Tunable Si3N4 Optical switch using liquid crystal claddings
ZI-XUAN XU;Chun-Ta Wang

This work demonstrates a Si3N4 optical switch based on MMI couplers connected with a Y-junction waveguide whose one arm with nematic liquid crystal claddings. The variable phase difference obtained by driving liquid crystal molecules enables redistribution of the electrical filed of TE or TM waves between two output waveguides.

Manuscript ID.  0241
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P011
Yi-Jia Huang
Broadband Silicon Nitride Polarization Beam Splitter
Yi-Jia Huang;Chun-Ta Wang

This work proposes a broadband polarization beam splitter (PBS) based on silicon nitride platform. Such a PBS with a point-symmetric cascade directional coupler exhibits a broadband operation over the entire C-band wavelength range and broad 15 dB isolation bandwidth of 95 nm, ranging from 1490 to 1585 nm.

Manuscript ID.  0604
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P012
An-Ni Sung
High-Efficiency Electro-Optically Tunable Microdisk Resonators with the Coplanar Electrode Structure
An-Ni Sung;Yan-Ting Li;Ying-Yu Wang;Chien-Hsu Chen;Tzyy-Jiann Wang

We present an innovative electro-optically tunable lithium niobate microdisk resonator with high tuning efficiency. The resonant wavelength of microdisk resonator can be effectively tuned by the designed coplanar electrode structure without the deterioration of quality factor. The tuning efficiency of the proposed device can be as high as 16.75pm/V.

Manuscript ID.  0081
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P013
Jhao-Ren Chen
Use of FSO Signal in WDM Access Architecture to Avoid Rayleigh Backscattering Noise
Jhao-Ren Chen;Wei-Yao You;Chien-Hung Yeh;Chi-Wai Chow

We propose an integrated WDM and FSO access network to prevent Rayleigh backscattering (RB) interference effect supporting 51 km long fiber connection and 400 to 900 m free space link length. Here, a symmetric 4x10 Gbit/s OOK traffic are applied for transmitting the downstream and upstream signals simultaneously.

Manuscript ID.  0084
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P014
Yuan-Zeng Lin
Applying Self-Injected Loop for Continuous and Adjustable Single-Longitudinal-Mode Erbium Laser
Yuan-Zeng Lin;Bo-Wei Huang;Po-Ming Yen;Chien-Hung Yeh;Chi-Wai Chow

An erbium-doped fiber (EDF) dual-ring laser is investigated. To be operated at single-longitudinal-mode state, the dual-ring scheme, EDF-based saturable absorber and self-injected loop are exploited. Moreover, the output power, OSNR and output stability of the EDF laser are discussed over the available bandwidth of 1519 to 1590 nm.

Manuscript ID.  0366
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P015
Wan-Shao Tsai
Imaging Spectral Detection of Inhomogeneous Gold Nanoparticles based on Waveguide Excitation
Yuan-Chih Hou;Li Shen;Tsong-Sheng Lay;Wan-Shao Tsai

Imaging spectra of inhomogeneous gold nanoparticles formed by thermal annealing on an edge-polished glass substrate are detected by waveguide excitation using a home-built white-light Fourier spectrometer. The measured spectral characteristics match well with the simulation results. This detection scheme can be used in simultaneously multi-point spectral detection of large-area nanostructures.

Manuscript ID.  0631
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P016
Ting-Lei, Chen
Laser Heated Polymer Fiber Fabry–Pérot Interferometers for Hot-Wire Anemometry
Ting-Lei, Chen;Hsuan-Mao Chi;Yi-Ching, Chang;Chien-Hsing Chen;Cheng-Ling Lee

We proposed a novel fiber-optic hot-wire-anemometer (HWA) based on an ultracompact hot-polymer filled airgap fiber Fabry–Perot (FFPI) interferometer with silver-mirror-reaction (SMR) that is heated by a pumping laser-diode (LD) for measuring airflow with high sensitivity.

Manuscript ID.  0695
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P017
Yan-Qing Chen
Fiber Bragg Grating Structure Noise Sensor
Yan-Qing Chen;Cheng-Yu Lin;Jeson Chen;Wen-Fung Liu

This study proposes a novel fiber Bragg grating structure-borne noise sensor for monitoring the structure-borne noise created from high-end facilities. Two different design structures including the lateral pressure and airtight structure are used for detecting structural noises.

Manuscript ID.  0234
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P018
Cheng Yeh Lin
Award Candidate
Optical vortex beam emitter based on ring resonator
Cheng Yeh Lin;Kuo Ping Chen

We demonstrate a ring resonator with multi-resonance spectrum.[1] At the resonance peaks, the optical vortex beam will be emitted by the ring resonator. One of the resonance peak is at 1557 nm which is suitable for silicon photonics optical communication.

Manuscript ID.  0280
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P019
Yi-Sheng Chen
The study of two-fold multimode waveguide reflector applied to a resonance for photonic integrated circuit
Chien-Liang Chiu;Yi-Sheng Chen;Bo-Lin Huang;Yung-Teng Chang

To design the center position of the MMI coupler makes two-fold MMI reflector to achieve a 90-degree MMI reflector. To replace the Fabry-Perot cavity with natural fracture surface reflectors at both edges. The reflectivity of the reflector is 0.5/ 0.72/ 0.85/ 1 and the reflector loss is almost 0.01.

Manuscript ID.  0742
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P020
Ping-Hsuan Ting
Award Candidate
IQ Imbalance Compensation and Bit-Loading for 60-GHz 3×3 OFDM-Based RoF MIMO System up to 114.2-Gbps
Ping-Hsuan Ting;Ping-Yao Huang;Zhen-Xiong Xie;Chun-Ting Lin

We experimentally demonstrate a 3x3 MIMO 60-GHz OFDM-RoF system, applying with I/Q imbalance compensation and adaptively bit loading procedures. The system can achieve the highest data rate of 114.2 Gbps with the corresponding spectral efficiency of 16.36 bits/s/Hz.

Manuscript ID.  0320
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P021
Wan-Shao Tsai
SU8 Polymer Bent Waveguide Sensors
Tzu-Wei Lin;Fang-Wen Sheu;Wan-Shao Tsai

SU8 polymer waveguides of linewidth 75µm and thickness 10µm with bending angles of 1 to 11 degrees covered by microfluidic channels under glucose solutions are fabricated as index sensors. Light intensity is measured through end-facet excitation of the waveguide at 632.8nm to estimate the intensity sensitivity of the sensors.

Manuscript ID.  0727
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P022
Qi-Yi Weng
Fiber Bragg Grating Liquid-Level Sensor
Qi-Yi Weng;Cheng-Hsuan Tsai;Ming-Yue Fu;Wen-Fung Liu

This paper proposes a liquid level sensor based on the cladding-mode wavelength of fiber Bragg grating. By etching the fiber cladding layer to reduce the fiber diameter, the cladding-mode wavelength shift is used to measure the liquid-level variation.

Manuscript ID.  0567
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P023
Jhih-Heng Yang
A MMW-PDM-RoF Coordinate Multi-Point (CoMP) Transmission System for Mobile Fronthaul with a Polarization-Tracking-Free RU Design
Jhih-Heng Yang;Jian-Kai Huang;Yu-Yang Lin;Jin-Wei Hsu;Kai-Ming Feng

A PDM-RoF mechanism is firstly experimentally demonstrated for MMW coordinate multi-point transmission system with a polarization-track-free RAU design. Without additional latency for PDM demultiplexing, we evaluate various coordinate multi-point joint transmission scenarios.

Manuscript ID.  0440
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0201-P024
Li-Chan Lai
Observation of Acoustic Charge Transport in GaN Based Quantum Well Structures under Surface Acoustic Wave Excitations
Li-Chan Lai

Here, by fabricating an IDT and a LED on GaN material, we demonstrate optical oscillation greater than 1 GHz and acoustic charge transport at room temperature. Also, our experiment is able to achieve a tunable optical resonant frequency by varying bias voltages without changing the LED structure.