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Quantum Electronics and Laser Technology

Quantum Electronics and Laser Technology S
Friday, Dec. 4, 2020  13:10-15:40
Presider: Prof. Sheng-Lung Huang
Prof. Lung-Han Peng
Room: 6AB Room 325
13:10 - 13:40 Manuscript ID.  0804
Paper No.  2020-FRI-L0303-I001
Invited Speaker:
Jyhpyng Wang

Development of high-field long-wavelength infrared pulses in National Central University
Jyhpyng Wang

High-field long-wavelength infrared pulses are important for the emerging fields of laser-driven proton acceleration and laboratory astrophysics. We present experiments on generating intense single-cycle long-wavelength infrared pulses by using self-phase modulation in laser-plasm interaction as well as our plan of constructing high-field CO2 laser from 1-TW to 100-TW.

13:40 - 14:10 Manuscript ID.  0830
Paper No.  2020-FRI-L0303-I002
Invited Speaker:
YenChieh Huang

High-power Tunable Narrow-line THz Parametric Sources
Ming-Hsiung Wu;Li-Yuan Yang;Yan-Jou Lin;Chang-He Kuo;Bao-Dong To;Yu-Chung Chiu;YenChieh Huang

We report tunable narrow-line kW-class far-infrared laser radiation between 1.8-6
THz from off-axis parametric oscillators using lithium niobate and KTP as gain crystals.
These high-power sources open up high-field applications such as THz nonlinear optics and
particle acceleration.

14:10 - 14:40 Manuscript ID.  0832
Paper No.  2020-FRI-L0303-I003
Invited Speaker:
Ming-Chang Chen

High-Harmonic Ellipsometry
Ming-Chang Chen

Polarization engineering and characterization over a wide spectral range are
essential to investigate the symmetry properties in matter and to control light-matter
interactions. ATTO-EUV laboratory in NTHU for the first time demonstrates that highharmonic ellipsometry, using the polarization degree of freedom, is able to unveil the quantum
nature of the high-order nonlinear dipole response.

14:40 - 15:10 Manuscript ID.  0831
Paper No.  2020-FRI-L0303-I004
Invited Speaker:
Yen-Hung Chen

Integrated Quantum Photonic Sources and Chips
Yen-Hung Chen;Ray-Kuang Lee;Ming-Chang Lee;Chih-Sung Chuu;Tien-Chang Lu;Po-Tsung Lee;Yi-Shan Lee;Shin-Tza Wu;Ching-Yi Lai

We report the study of leading-edge integrated quantum photonic technologies for
realizing scalable photonic quantum chips with the ability to perform fault-tolerant quantum
computation at room temperature. Two qubits CNOT gate for measurement-based computing
has been demonstrated with a highly integrated entangled quantum optical source.

15:10 - 15:25 Manuscript ID.  0093
Paper No.  2020-FRI-L0303-O001
Shou-Tai Lin
Characterization of the noise in cascaded mode-locked Nd:GdVO4 laser
Shou-Tai Lin;Kuang-Ting Zheng

We have measured the intensity noise of a cascaded mode-locked Nd:GdVO4 laser. Adopting 10 mm long KTP crystal and type II nonphase-matched SHG process, the 1.6 – 300 kHz rms intensity fluctuations are reduced from 0.368 to 0.035 by a spectrally controlled VBG.

15:25 - 15:40 Manuscript ID.  0621
Paper No.  2020-FRI-L0303-O002
Shiuan-Yeh Chen
Oligonucleotide guided nanocavities for quantum strong coupling
Shiuan-Yeh Chen

A plasmonic cavity with extreme small mode volume provides a platform for quantum strong coupling to an emitter at room temperature. However, to precisely position an emitter into the cavity is challenging. In this work, we use oligonucleotide (short DNA) to integrate the fluorophores into the plasmonic cavity.