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Quantum Electronics and Laser Technology

Poster Session II
Saturday, Dec. 5, 2020  10:30-12:30
Presider: Prof. Wen-Jeng Ho
Room: 6AB Courtyard
Manuscript ID.  0224
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0302-P001
Ming-Hsiung Wu
Anisotropic Off-axis Raman Oscillator
Ming-Hsiung Wu;Yan-Jou Lin;Fredrik Laurell;Yen-Chieh Huang

We present a mirrorless Raman oscillator built upon a monolithic KTP crystal. When pumped by a pulse laser at 1064 nm, the oscillator generates a single off-axis-mode Stokes output with a 30% optical efficiency.

Manuscript ID.  0112
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0302-P002
Yuan-Yao Lin
Q-switched mode-locked Vortex Laser Formed by Coherent Superposion of Off-axis Traveling Waves
Cheng-Yu Hsieh;Yuan-Yao Lin

Qswitched mode-locking operation was observed in a vortex laser formed by su-
perposition of off-axis resonating traveling waves. When self-modulation is enhanced by pump
power dependent relaxation oscillations, QML can be stabilized.

Manuscript ID.  0788
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0302-P003
Guan-Hong Li
Development and the optical nonlinearity investigation of High quality E-gun evaporation growth Tantalum Pentoxide (Ta2O5)thin film
Guan-Hong Li

In recent years, the rapid development of optical communication has increased the research on nonlinear optical components. We use an electron beam thermal evaporation machine to prepare tantalum pentoxide film, and use AFM, XRD, XPS and Z-scan to confirm the film characteristics.

Manuscript ID.  0459
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0302-P004
Wei Jo Ting
Efficient EUV Spectrometer in a Conical Diffraction Geometry
Wei Jo Ting;Ming-Shian Tsai;Yi Ting Lee;Li Han Cheng;Ming-Chang Chen

We develop a broadband wavelength extreme-ultraviolet spectrometer. For higher efficiency, conical diffraction mounting gratings are installed. High harmonic generation combined such spectrometer provides monochromatic EUV ranging from 40 eV to 120 eV. The diffraction pattern, spectral lines and flux are measured and compared.

Manuscript ID.  0332
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0302-P005
I-Che Peng
Investigation of the Laser Ablation Quality by Using Machine Learning Based upon Data Science
Chien-Chung Tsai;I-Che Peng;Po-Han Chen

This study investigates the ablation phenomenon of micro fabrication in green laser applied to CMOS-MEMS components. And through data science and machine learning successfully predict the quality level of ablation by using the random forest algorithm to achieve an accuracy of 96.22%.

Manuscript ID.  0305
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0302-P006
Shu-Yu Chang
Fringe-resolved Autocorrelation for Ultrashort Pulse Compression
Shu-Yu Chang;Chia-Yuan Chang;Jui-Chi Chang

The ultrashort laser pulsewidth is an important parameter for nonlinear optical effect. In this paper, we setup a fringe-resolved autocorrelator to determine the laser pulsewidth. The pulsewidth is taken as a feedback signal to compensate the group delay dispersion (GDD) to obtain the transform-limit pulsewidth for best laser performance.

Manuscript ID.  0766
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0302-P007
Heng-Yu Lin
Direct observation of dynamic thermal lensing in an end-pumped Nd:YVO4 laser
Heng-Yu Lin

We took the Nd:YVO4 laser crystal as the sample and use the nanometer optical ruler with
the center wavelength of 638nm to detect the thermal lens effect under different 808nm pump powers.
With different pump powers, there will be different speeds and behaviors, and observe the phenomenon
of thermal expansion.

Manuscript ID.  0237
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0302-P008
Yi-Yun Liu
Uidirectional Photoluminescence Enhance Via Tamm Plasmon Polaritons with Dye Doped Polymers
Yi-Yun Liu;Jhen-Hong Yang;Kuo-Ping Chen

Tamm plasmon polariton resonance is observed in the band gap of 1D photonic crystal-distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) coating with polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and metals. Due to the sharp resonance, TPP provided a high-quality factor interface state resonance at the visible wavelength. We measured the photoluminescence enhancement caused by Tamm mode.

Manuscript ID.  0225
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0302-P009
Ho-Chun Huang
D-A Type of Electron Donor Molecules for Polymer Solar Cell
Ho-Chun Huang;Yu-Wei Su;Po-Tuan Chen

We selected the DFT/B3LYP/6-31+g(d) and TDA/B3LYP/6-31+g(d) method to an investigated molecular structure. We found that the methoxy group promotes the increase of the HOMO energy level compared with other functional groups. It also improves the composition of second excited state and keep the internal charge transfer.

Manuscript ID.  0597
Paper No.  2020-SAT-P0302-P010
Wu Hsiu Ting
The Impact of Extracavity Frequency Doubling in Infrared Yb-doped Pulsed Fiber Laser by Focusing Beam Size in a Nonlinear Crystal
Wu Hsiu Ting

In this article, we demonstrate the impact of external cavity frequency doubling efficiency by varying the fundamental laser beam size in a nonlinear crystal. The laser beam waist in the nonlinear crystal is 28μm can get the highest SHG power. Simultaneously, the frequency conversion efficiency reaches to 10.63%.