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Optical Design

Optical Design III
Friday, Dec. 4, 2020  13:10-15:40
Presider: Prof. Shih-Tsong Lin
Prof. Yu-Chieh Cheng
Room: 6AB Room 727
13:10 - 13:40 Manuscript ID.  0824
Paper No.  2020-FRI-S0503-I001
Invited Speaker:
Vytautas Purlys

Femtosecond laser-based fabrication of 3D micro- and nanostructures
Vytautas Purlys

The femtosecond laser gained a reputation as a reliable and extremely precise tool for micro- and nanofabrication. Here we present our recent work in applying and finetuning fabrication techniques in several aspects, namely the significant enhancement of 3D resolution, dynamic throughput manipulation via shaping the laser beam and spatial light modulation, as well as combining laser processing with other established manufacturing techniques. Finally, additive 3D nano-manufacturing of non-organic structures is discussed, explaining the undergoing physical phenomena, and showing examples of produced 3D objects. In conclusion, we demonstrate yet another example of laser 3D processing being a powerful tool for advanced fabrication with far-reaching implications in various fields.

13:40 - 13:55 Manuscript ID.  0030
Paper No.  2020-FRI-S0503-O001
Siao-Suang Liang
Triplet prism illustration method for minimizing chromatic aberration
Siao-Suang Liang;Ying-Ying Yu;Wen-Shing Sun

The optimum combination of three glass materials is obtained for correction of chromatic aberration using the three- prism combination Illustrating method and optimization program.

13:55 - 14:10 Manuscript ID.  0089
Paper No.  2020-FRI-S0503-O002
Yi-Lun Su
High-efficiency automotive low beam design
Yi-Lun Su;Wen-Shing Sun;Shin-Chuang Huang

A white LED with a luminous flux of 146lm is used in this low beam vehicle light design. The design includes two prism arrays, a compound reflector, and a toroidal lens which was modified to correct the light pattern. The total received lumens was 123.9lm and the efficiency was 85.86%.

14:10 - 14:25 Manuscript ID.  0090
Paper No.  2020-FRI-S0503-O003
Yu-Wei Sheu
The relative illumination of a DLP large-aperture projector lens
Yu-Wei Sheu;Bo-Heng Zhou;Wen-Shing Sun

We discuss the relative illumination for a large-aperture projector lens design. The EFL and f-number are 24.06mm and 1.741, respectively. The screen size is 206inches and the max-aperture is 74.86mm. We also derive the relative illumination equations for interface transmission, internal transmission and solid angle. The relative illumination is 98.7%.

14:25 - 14:40 Manuscript ID.  0121
Paper No.  2020-FRI-S0503-O004
Chih-Kai Chang
Analysis of the Lens Depth of a Periscope-type 3x Zoom Mobile Phone Lens
Chih-Kai Chang;Wei-Chen Tsao;Wen-Shing Sun

The periscope zoom lens depth depends either on the prism thickness or the maximum aperture of the zoom lens in the Y-direction. To reduce the periscope zoom lens depth to 5mm for an 8-Megapixel device, we use a 16:9 aspect ratio sensor with a rectangular aperture.

14:40 - 14:55 Manuscript ID.  0189
Paper No.  2020-FRI-S0503-O005
Ching-Yao Huang
Simulation of Retinal Peripheral Refraction when Wearing Spectacles
Ching-Yao Huang

This study is to simulate the retinal peripheral refraction of emmetropic and myopic eyes when wearing correction spectacles at distance and near views. The results show that the myopic spectacle could enhance the retinal relative peripheral hyperopic refractions.

14:55 - 15:10 Manuscript ID.  0427
Paper No.  2020-FRI-S0503-O006
Shao-Heng Chen
Dual-frequency Double-diffraction Type Laser Interferometer Based on Coplanar Detection Design for Four Degree-of-freedom Measurement
Shao-Heng Chen;Mo-Yun Chen;Hung-Lin Hsieh

An innovative dual-frequency double-diffraction type laser interferometer based on coplanar detection design is proposed. The proposed method takes “grating” as the core of technology development. By integrating the advantages of heterodyne dual-frequency interferometry and coplanar detection double-diffraction optical design, the system has high resolution, high repeatability and multi-degree-of-freedom measurement capabilities.

15:10 - 15:25 Manuscript ID.  0206
Paper No.  2020-FRI-S0503-O007
Bo-Ting Li
Image Reconstruction of FD DOT Using synchronous multi-frequency driving light sources
Hong-Wei Gan;Bo-Ting Li;Min-Chun Pan

The study explored and implemented image reconstruction of three-dimensional diffuse optical tomography using synchronous multi-frequency driving light source. To the purpose square waves were employed so that multiple sets of light intensity and phase lag information can be obtained in a single measurement.

15:25 - 15:40 Manuscript ID.  0647
Paper No.  2020-FRI-S0503-O008
Sumesh Sethumadhavan Nair
Portable Laser Pest Control System with Deep Learning
Sumesh Sethumadhavan Nair;Chia-Ying Chang;Feng-Chun Hsu;Ching-Chieh Su;Shean-Jen Chen

A portable laser pest control system employing deep learning for Caterpillar head identification using YOLO was developed. On detecting the head, laser beams were utilized to render the caterpillars powerless. On-field testing was performed for the system and the results were noted.