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Optical Design

Poster Session I
Friday, Dec. 4, 2020  15:40-17:30
Presider: Prof. Chien-Ming Chen
Prof. Cheng-Mu Tsai
Room: 6AB Courtyard
Manuscript ID.  0626
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0501-P001
Yu-Hsin Chia
Award Candidate
Telecentric design for long axial scanning in optical sectioning microscope using diffraction Moiré component
Yu-Hsin Chia;Sunil Vyas;Hsin-Yu Kuo;Yi-You Huang;Din Ping Tsia;Yuan Luo

We present a telecentric design to obtain constant magnification with long axial scanning range in optical sectioning microscope. A Moiré lens is designed and used for this purpose. Design principles of our system are explained through mathematical expression and simulation results are provided for different conditions.

Manuscript ID.  0364
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0501-P002
Huang Jun Xiang
Award Candidate
Cost effective colorimetric pyrometer design for laser-based additive manufacturing
Huang Jun Xiang;Lin Yuan Yao

A cost effective optical design for colorimetric pyrometer was developed for laser-based additive manufacturing facility. Equipped with diffraction gratings and fiber array element, the colorimetric pyrometer has its robustness in sensing wavelengths and number of channels which is adaptive for characterizing thermal radiation from mixtures of black/gray bodies.

Manuscript ID.  0061
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0501-P003
Che-Ying Chiu
Award Candidate
Development of a Double-diffraction Common Path Linear Encoder
Che-Ying Chiu;Ren-Hao Chen;Hung-Lin Hsieh

This study proposed a novel common path linear encoder. By combining with double-diffraction, interferometry, grating interferometry and common optical path techniques, the system can precisely measure in-plane displacement, while having the advantages of high sensitivity, high stability, high tolerance and has been miniaturized successfully.

Manuscript ID.  0155
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0501-P004
Yi-Chen Cheng
Award Candidate
High-Performance Plasmonic Huygens Metasurfaces
Yi-Chen Cheng;Amir Hassanfiroozi;Pin Chieh Wu

In this work, we proposed a plasmonic Huygens metasurface with a state-of-the-art circular polarization conversion efficiency beyond 50% at telecom wavelengths. We highlight the feasible applications of our high-performance metasurface via demonstration of a beam deflector and a focusing metalens.

Manuscript ID.  0417
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0501-P005
Stotaw Talbachew Hayle
A Hybrid of Fiber and Free Space Optic for Optical Access Network
Stotaw Talbachew Hayle;Yibeltal Chanie Manie;Guan-Ming Shao;Po-Han Chiu;Tsung-Yuan Yeh;Song-Lin You;Peng-Chun Peng

In this paper, we demonstrated a hybrid of optical fiber and free-space optics (FSO) for optical access networks. The experimental result proves that the hybrid of 25 km SMF with free space optic link increases the communication coverage range with a reasonable performance.

Manuscript ID.  0613
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0501-P006
Amare Mulatie Dehnaw
Spectrally Overlapped Wavelength Detection of Optical Sensor Network Using Deep Learning
Amare Mulatie Dehnaw;Yibeltal Chanie Manie;Ya -Yu Chen;Po -Han Chiu;Hung -Wei Huang;Guan -Wei Chen;Peng -Chun Peng

We have designed precise and fast Gated Recurrent Unit (GRU)deep learning model to detect the Bragg sensor wavelengths from the reflected overlapping spectra within the sensor network.The performance of the proposed model is good, even when the FBG sensor number is increased and the spectra is completely overlapped.

Manuscript ID.  0039
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0501-P007
Yuan-Hsiang Chen
Development of optical fiber device technique induced chlorophyll fluorescence for plant water status
Yuan-Hsiang Chen;Yi-Jim Chen;Jau-Sheng Wang

he plant water content changes, it also changes the chlorophyll concentration. Therefore, we study the use of chlorophyll fluorescence to combine the fiber and improve the previous structure. By fixing the fiber to the surface of leaf to determine the water content by sensing the change of chlorophyll fluorescence.

Manuscript ID.  0215
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0501-P008
Wen-Sheng Hsiao
Secondary Lens Design of LED Mosquito Trapping Lamp
Wen-Sheng Hsiao;Wei-Hsiung Tseng;Hsiao-Yi Lee;Hsin-Yi Ma

In this study, a special lampshade with a different structure is used to generate a UV LED inducing mosquito system. UV LED uses a specific wavelength of light (365nm UV LED) and matches the black appearance, as well as a solar energy-saving switching device, which maximizes the incentives. .

Manuscript ID.  0650
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0501-P009
Hong-Yu Jhao
Design of lensless full-screen optical fingerprint sensor
Hong-Yu Jhao

Smart phones equipped with biometric systems have become a trend. Fingerprint recognition is most common in biometrics. We propose a novel concept to design a full-screen optical fingerprint recognition system. The principle of optical fingerprint recognition mainly requires the calculation of Fresnel equation.

Manuscript ID.  0151
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0501-P010
Optical Design and Simulation for High Performance LED Head Light Lens Package
ZENG WEI LUN;Chen Guan Zhen;Pin Han

This study uses Solidworks for optic to draw and simulate a lens package for LED head light. This lens shape is made from an ellipse around a circle. By adjusting the size of the circle and the ellipse appropriately, the best with the latest head light regulation ECE R113.

Manuscript ID.  0615
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0501-P011
Li-Jen Hsiao
Conceptualization and Design of CGH for Manufacture Tests of Large Ashperic Primary Mirror
Li-Jen Hsiao;Hsin-Yu Wu;Wei-Che Chang;Po-Hsuan Huang;Yi-Kai uang;Yung-Hsien Liu

A CGH component is designed for testing a large aspheric mirror as a part of its manufacturing process, with assist features are to assist in proper alignment to minimize alignment error.

Manuscript ID.  0120
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0501-P012
Hui-Kai Lin
The online analytic system of industry ion concentration
Hui-Kai Lin;Yen-Hsiang Wang;Kuan-Chieh Lee;Jen-Jie Chieh

Because of the long detection time and the generation of consumable waste liquid. Our developed is to integrate optical detection technology, IoT system, cloud construction and AI algorithm to develop an online concentration analysis system of one ion (copper, nickel, iron, chlorine), which is an important application for smart manufacturing.

Manuscript ID.  0791
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0501-P013
Ming-Hung Chiu
Optical rotation measure by using the common-path heterodyne interferometry and a half-wave plate
Ming-Hung Chiu;Chen-Tai Tan;Chun Wang;Jia-Nong He

We proposed a method for small polarization rotation measurement that is based on the use of a half-wave plate and a high-stability common-path heterodyne interferometry, When the azimuth angle at 22.5 degree of a half-wave plate, the phase has a distinct change caused by the the incident light.

Manuscript ID.  0133
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0501-P014
Ya-Chen Tsai
Optical design of high beam for laser headlight using DMD
Ya-Chen Tsai;Ken-Yu Cheng;Hsun-Ching Hsu;Pin Han

This research is a headlight simulation using diode lasers combined with a Digital Micromirror Device (DMD). Use fast axis and slow axis collimator (FAC/SAC) to collimate the diode laser. Establish a lens (LENS2) to enlarge the light projection angle to comply with ECE R113 Class D, E high beam regulations.

Manuscript ID.  0156
Paper No.  2020-FRI-P0501-P015
Chen-Yu Yeh
The LED Headlamp with Integrated Low-beam and High-beam Light
Chen-Yu Yeh;Bing-Mau Chen;Shang-Ping Ying

In this study, a projector type headlamp using LEDs is proposed to be the vehicle lamp with integrated low-beam and high-beam light. The design of low-beam LED headlamp with a top ellipsoidal reflector and a baffle plate is used to achieve a LED headlamp with a low-beam cutoff line.