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Thin-Film Technology and Optical Engineering

Thin-Film Technology and Optical Engineering II
Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020  16:20-17:50
Presider: Prof. His-Chao Chen
Prof. Chia-Feng Lin
Room: 6AB Harvard Lecture Hall
16:20 - 16:50 Manuscript ID.  0806
Paper No.  2020-THU-S1002-I001
Invited Speaker:
Che-Chin Chen

Three dimensional optical metamaterials and advanced optical components at TIRI
Che-Chin Chen;Fong-Yi Chen;Ching-Hsiang Kuo;Ming-Fu Chen;Chien-Nan Hsiao;Fong-Zhi Chen

We present our recent progress in developing three dimensional metamaterials which are fabricated by a simple stress-driven self-assembly method. The desired optical properties of 3D metamaterials are demonstrated by varying the 2D pattern sizes and arrangement. We also summarize the capabilities to manufacture advanced optical components at TIRI.

16:50 - 17:05 Manuscript ID.  0661
Paper No.  2020-THU-S1002-O001
Yen-Lin Chen
Award Candidate
Wear Measurement System on the Face of milling Cutter by Structured Light Reconstruction
Yen-Lin Chen;J. Andrew Yeh;Yuan Luo

Two-dimensional information of tool wear can only be extracted by a single camera. In this work phase shifting method is used to reconstruct the end face of milling cutters. The main idea is to establish a milling cutter monitoring system and improve the resolution of system to achieve industrial requirement.

17:05 - 17:20 Manuscript ID.  0713
Paper No.  2020-THU-S1002-O002
Ping-Chen Chiang
Award Candidate
Automatic Inspection System for End Milling Cutter tool
Yu-Hsiang Lin;Ping-Chen Chiang;J. Andrew Yeh;Yuan Luo

In manufacturing industry, tool wear condition is an important factor which affects the precision and yield of product. The traditional assessment of tool wear depends on subjective consciousness and lacks quantitative standards. This research aims to develop an automatic optical inspection system to reconstruct the wear information for milling tool.

17:20 - 17:35 Manuscript ID.  0607
Paper No.  2020-THU-S1002-O003
Jen-Yu Lee
Award Candidate
3D Precise Positioning for Orchard Pests under Strong Sunlight via Intelligent Depth Imaging
Jen-Yu Lee;Ching-Chieh Su;Chia-Ying Chang;Shean-Jen Chen

An outdoor-laser-pest-control system with intelligent depth imaging has been developed via structured lighting of infrared. Structured lighting is high-resolution in depth information, but there are errors under sunlight and in reflective objects. Therefore, we go through parameters reconfiguration and filtering, then significantly reduce the interference of the sun.

17:35 - 17:50 Manuscript ID.  0723
Paper No.  2020-THU-S1002-O004
Hong-Yi Lin
Award Candidate
Surface Contour Measurement of Transparent Glass and Thin Film Coatings by Wavelet Transform
Hong-Yi Lin;Chuen-Lin Tien;Chun-Yu Chiang

Morlet wavelet transform with Fizeau interferometer were used to measure the surface contour of transparent glass and thin films. The surface contour of glass plates and zirconium nitride thin films were reconstructed. The noise comes from rear surface of thin films and substrate can be removed by the proposed method.